Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Turning off the comments on this thing

I've decided to turn off comments on the blog because comments were running 8 spam links for every 1 meaningful comment.  If you want to send me feedback about a post feel free to send me something on Twitter.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where did FxCop go?

I've used FxCop to do code analysis for years now (and brow beat co-workers to use it, too).  I've incorporated it into my automated build scripts and use it every time I do a code review.  So imagine my dismay when I heard the FxCop site was no longer running (I usually get there from the MSDN Library entry about FxCop).  I wasn't sure if this was just a case of a dead link, but then I read this article by Jonathan Allen on  InfoQ.  Apparently FxCop 1.36 was yanked from the Microsoft Downloads site.  Jonathan's article directs the reader to the Windows 7 SDK.  The Microsoft Download site has an entry for FxCop 10 but it turns out that just gets you a readme.txt file instructing you to download the Windows SDK for Windows 7.

That's not terribly useful.  There isn't even a link to where to get the Windows 7 SDK in the readme file.

So thank you to InfoQ and Jonathan for providing the link.

BTW, it seems the only reason the older FxCop version was removed was because the functionality FxCop provides is in some versions of VS2010.  This is going to have an impact on my automated build scripts so I expect I'll be following the advice from this blog post from Travis Illig's blog at some point - so thanks to him, too.