Friday, December 19, 2008

Starting Over

For almost two years I've worked at this cool software company that had an internal blog on which I would share information, announcements or learning with the rest of the development team. I enjoyed the blog approach of sharing information. However, I'm leaving that company next week and starting at another cool software company in early January.

Not knowing what the blogging situation is at the new place I've decided to start a new, independent blog. The other advantage is anything I learn won't be limited to an internal blog and others in the community will (hopefully) benefit. If nothing else, I'll be able to look up my own notes from any internet cafe.

The posts I expect to make will center on my professional life - information about programming languages, techniques and trends. However, I'm also likely to occasionally create posts that I feel fall under a humorous, social or politically interesting (I'm a political junkie) category. I expect to get most of that out of my system on Facebook, though. :-)

So, if you've found this blog. Welcome! I hope it provides some useful information or, at least, a few minutes distraction.