Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CT Code Camp Recap

I attended the second CT code camp on June 13th at the New Horizon's center in Hartfort, CT. Ostensibly it was a research trip for the code camp we're organizing for VT this fall, Sept. 12. However, I love going to code camps because of the educational value and networking opportunities they present. As I've previously posted, I've been to a few of the code camps held in Waltham, MA - so I was excited to have a slightly different experience.

The venue for this code camp was a well appointed learning center with plenty of rooms of varying capacity. Each room had projectors, lots of tables and chairs. At the Waltham camp most of the seating lacks a table, so it was nice to have a place to put my notebook (rather than balancing it on my knee). One thing I noticed by its absence was the wide hallway at the Waltham location. The hallways at the New Horizon center seemed more narrow. Maybe it was just the 150 or so people moving through them, though.

I encountered the registration area as soon as I entered the building. It was nice to see Dennis Perlot's smiling face at the desk. I met Dennis at the New England User Group Leadership Summit in May. He and S.B. Chatterje run the CT .NET user group and this code camp. The registration packet included the session schedule, list of donors and a copy of Windows 7 Release Candidate.

The entire event was extremely well run. My only quibble was the lunchtime activities, focused on job fair like sessions such as resume writing and networking skills, went on longer than I would have liked. I'm sure this is a result of my being comfortable with those topics - I just would have preferred to have at least one technical session going on concurrently. But as I say, that's a quibble. The entire experience was well worth the trip and I hope to make additional CT code camps.

I've created separate posts for 3 of the 4 sessions I attended. I'm not bothering to post about the 4th session because I had to leave early and my notes aren't complete. My session specific posts are:

.NET Troubleshooting in a Production Environment - Polina Cherkasova

jQuery – Why You Want It & How to Use it in ASP.NET - Dave Bush

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