Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 1 of the new adventure

So today is my first day at the new job. There hasn't been much structure to my day, simply getting my account information and installing software. It made me think about what the tools I simply MUST have as a developer. There are 3 that I installed right off the bat which I figured might be worth sharing.

7-Zip: This is the zip utility I use. 7-Zip is an open source project so it's free (always nice). The UI is a simple integration with the context menus in Windows Explorer.

CmdHere PowerToy: This is a Microsoft power toy that adds a menu item to the context menu that is presented in Windows Explorer when you right click on a folder. The menu item allows you to quickly open a command window with a working directory of the folder on which you invoked the context menu. (I'll update this with a link once I find one).

Notepad++: Sometimes I just want to open a source code file and review its contents without spinning up an IDE with lots of overhead (I'm looking at you, Visual Studio). In the past I've used editors like TextPad, which I like, but it cost money. A little over a year ago I was turned onto an open source editor that I like well enough to start using, Notepad++. It is fast, gives me the syntax highlighting I want and has some nice tools baked into it.

There are other tools I like, and I continue to find new ones. But these were the first 3 to get installed and that made them seem noteworthy.